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The Darkness Is Coming...


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 Welcome To The Site
Mat Silver, 2nd June '08
Well, my pretties. Here it is. I've actually bothered putting my blood sweat and tears into a brand new site just for my complainers users. It's got a brand new email system (information will be emailed to old users who are applicable for an address, and you can earn one yourself with our new points system (more information to follow)) a webcomic which ACT and me are going to work on and which will be hand drawn, a brand new forum (so yes, America. You can stop complaining now), all the RPG information online and, rather nicely, a brand new set of artwork, stories and scenarios to tie in with it all. It's been a while, but we finally have a new home and a brand new look. I hope you're happy, people. I know I am.

 Your Admins

Mat Silver Main admin and site designer

Helena Pendragon Accounts and etiquette

ACT Art, comics and animations

Tom Privame Hitman Banned members

Diana Pendragon Feedback and comments



 Welcome to KOTEG Version 4.0.

Times are changing in Avalon.

Mat Silver has fallen from grace after he was unmasked as the notorious thief Snake Eyes. He is on trial in the city of Troy, the very woman he was preparing to marry the Prosecution's key witness. With little hope for his escape or redemption, the seat of High Lord is empty for the first time in seven hundred years, and the race for the role has become deadly...

Allan de'Ath is dead. Killed on Earth, he has left his son an impossible task Lee must face alone: Lee has taken the Scythe, and with it the Duty. He must collect human lives, collect souls, and only he can see the crop that is soon to be Reaped...

Jimmy Scarecrow would murder for some fun. Too long enslaved by Rhenium Antimony, the undead artisan is on the run from Eternity himself, carving a swaythe of violence across the peaceful plains. Eternity is coming for him, to collect the shattered remnants of his long dead humanity and end the Barman's life forever. Jimmy's getting desperate. He's ready to make a deal with the devil if it would save his broken soul...

The shadows are moving.

The darkness is coming.

KOTEG v.4.0 : Rise Of Evil

The End is coming to Avalon. The Apocalypse will dawn...

So, KOTEG v.4.0 is here. I think we're just about getting into our stride now, with a good campaign ready and some nice new rules and graphics to go with it. I personally am really looking forward to seeing how this turns out, and would like to just say one thing: TELL YOUR FRIENDS. We need more users, and anyone can join if they've got enthusiasm, a good grasp of language and a decent gaming streak.

As the sites had a revamp, I thought I would tell you the added Rules Of Etiquette. They're simple, easy to enforce and must be obeyed or else you will be banned. All the old rules (No swearing, be courteous, don't ruin plots) still apply. These are the main new ones:

  1. No l33t speak. I cannot tell you how annoying it is to post a serious poll and get 'teh 1st 1 roxxorz'. Grrr. So from now on l33t speak is banned. No more n00bs. No more pwnage. USE ENGLISH, DAMMIT! (Or American. Optionally. You and your weird spelling 'phonetically'...)
  2. No Steamy Shipping. Saying 'Bob and Jane' should get together is fine. Going on to write a fanfic about them that could kill someone with a nervous disposition and most religions would burn as the Devil's work is NOT. We don't need to know exactly what you think they should do in the bedroom, we really don't. Just leave it alone.
  3. No 'I'm ba-a-a-a-ack...', okay? You're DEAD if I say you're DEAD. You CAN'T COME BACK TO LIFE WITH A FLOURISH AND A SARCASTIC REMARK.
  4. Email Addresses, Main Character Status and personal Artwork will be GIVEN OUT BY THE ADMINS. You cannot DEMAND them, we will GIVE them to those who DESERVE them. We are implementing a points system, so you gain points for certain activities (taking part in scenarios, submitting artwork) and lose them for others (swearing, inappropriate avatars) and at each point boundary you will gain new privileges (or lose them as you drop down the point boundaries). (More information on the forums)
  5. Green CDs are hereby BANNED. If you don't know what a GCD is, then be thankful and ignore this rule. Those that do: Please, please, don't let them onto this website. I don't need the hassle and frankly, neither do you.

So there are the main new rules. Obey them, please. This site can only run with user cooperation. Keep looking back here for regular updates, as I'm going to be taking a more active part in keeping it all running.

Mat Silver, Main Admin


 Riots In Troy
Further riots have broken out in Troy today after legal proceedings for the case of Mat Silver/Snake Eyes vs. the City of Troy were brought to a grounding halt when Helena Pendragon, 21 - key witness for the prosection and well known spokesperson for the court - failed to arrive at the courthouse. Her horse was found abandoned on the roads between Caelum and Troy, and though the Watch have refused to comment officially on the case they have unofficially stated that 'Morgana may be involved'. The Witches and Wizards Guild has also launched an enquiry, apparently suspecting magical involvement. Her elder brother Arthur, 24, is said to be in Caelum aiding the Watch and WWG with their investigations. More information to follow.

Lord Noir 'In Healer's Care'
Lord Matthew Noir, 735, prominent member of the Caelum Council, has reportedly been taken into Healer's Care at the Royal Caelum Healing Institute after collapsing during a formal dinner. Guests were apparently concerned when he 'convulsed in his seat, before falling out it and lying prone on the ground'. His son, Jonas Noir (17) is reportedly staying at the WWG, and Iustita Incensus is temporarily replacing him on the Council. He is said to be 'in critical condition', though no further information has been given about his illness., A.Coyne-Turner & H.Turner 2008